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Gallery: bicycle detail
Gallery: bicycle detail
Gallery: bicycle detail
Makersville is changing.
Makersville is small - pretty much a one-man operation - and over the last few years I've realised that the most satisfying part of the job is working with custom builds. There's a real joy to be had in creating something unique, whether that's a frame painted around a theme, or a bike built with parts to fit a certain need.

As a result I've decided to focus exclusively on custom work - frames, wheelsets and custom set-ups.

I'll be producing under my own name from now on - James P. Brown. The Makersville name will be gradually shifted across to a different platform, which will sell - among other things - my custom frames and parts.

The shop on this site will stock everything I rustle up - framesets with one-off paintwork, hand-built wheelsets, maybe the odd salvaged and restored vintage component; and you can still get in touch and order built-to-spec bikes.
It's a new chapter, and it's very exciting.